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My tradition is that on Aug. 1 and Dec. 1, I do a self-assessment, mostly of things, but also of my life in general :)

A sort of “what do I need to make this work?”

I am not expecting presents, but if you have these things, I would love to trade you one of my extra woozles for this woozle, for example :)

I should note that I am currently allergic to: metal, all food and drink that are not cheese or beer (most of the time), and wool-against-my-skin (so, for SCA, mostly fine, modernly, mostly not).

I totally would not turn down a partner of the male variety, and a permanent job, but I’m not expecting my friends/family to find me these things

I pin things I covet over here:

- MOTIVATION: I work very well when rewarded with tiny prizes. Cookies, beads, etc. I NEED (OMG NEED) to do several things, like edit and publish my chapters.

- Help cleaning and sorting. As ALWAYS.

-I have a big pin-board above my desk. I’d like some small prints/posters/cards to put up. Shiny stickers are good too. Seasonal or just super awesome led lights (preferably that plug into a USB).

-Sprinkler hoses (NOT SEEPERS! The ones I want are usually green, with tiny holes on one side, and brass fittings). I need LOTS of these. Other garden stuff would be good too (rolls of orange fence, bags of potting soil, that kind of thing)

-New-to-me professional-ISH clothes:
- - Carhartts pants (38 waist 32-34 length, double front) (or other respectable pants)
- - Belts (36 inches of usable length) I love studded belts, stamped or tooled patterns, etc.
--vintage or otherwise fantastic bandanas. Black, red, green, grey. I especially love four color ones or roses patterns.
- - Black cardigans (spectacular is best: beading, patterned knitting, embroidered, whatever) (medium)
- - PATCHES and things to customize my cardigans (cool patches, studs, buttons, etc). I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS PLAN OMG PATCHES!)
- - button down shirts in ridiculous patterns (owls! skulls! crazy plaids!) (women’s extra large or men’s large, bigger is better, as I wear a cardigan over them)

-Assistance getting/moving/storing the pellets for this winter. I’m not supposed to lift things that weigh over 20 lbs, a bag of pellets is 40. Math says I should not unload dozens of these and stack them.

-10 eyelet doc martens (European size 41)

-Riveted cooking pot we can actually eat out of (so, steel would be nice, and it has to hold water)

-brewing ingredients (malt especially, I want to brew some ambers)

-Vintage embroidered small tablecloths and runners (lace, embroidery, I also prefer ones that are NOT on a plain white background)

-games! (hive, takenoko, Castle panic, blood rage, galaxy truckers, tiny epic galaxies, camel up, etc.) This site has lots of suggestions and a lot of these sound amazing! while THIS sounds like it might lead to terrible chaos in our social group (I have carcassone, settlers, time's up, and the other classics)).

-wool CUTTER blanket. Densely fulled, color is less important. Holes are FINE, but needs to be thick and solid in the usable bits. Ideally, black, red, white, or green.

-star wars things (or other geek/nerd t-shirts or fabrics, thumb drives, purse, etc)

-research books (see pintrest) I AM SO OBSESSSED!!!! NESAT, Ruralia, any cool books or articles really

-pillowcases, novelty or embroidered vintage. Cotton please. Non-white background preferred, but whatevah if the decoration is awesome enough.

-HATCHET. A VA hatchet.

-VA documentable hatchet-box hinges (iron, VA)

-QUERN (yes, actual working one, not made of cement, I’m going to eat the flour I make!)

-Projectors. Apparently I lost my best one and my mini backup. So, I need projectors, sigh. They have to be good quality and pretty tough. I’m hoping OSUsed has a pile I can get for cheap, sigh.

-teenyest weaving cards, bone or antler (1 inch on a side)

-Jewelry I can wear (plastic rings, amber necklace w/round beads, dark grey pearls for a necklace, drop earrings are fine, as I can sub out plastic ear wires, etc.)

-Cute BLACK cotton fabric to make skirts out of (3.5 yards if 40 wide, 1.75 if 60 wide, flannel or quilting fabric is fine, old sheets are GREAT). Plaid is GREAT. Red or green is also good, but not as good is black or grey.

-Cotton lace (for above skirts. 3.5 yards). I prefer black, but white is okay.

-Polish pottery (patterned stoneware). I really like Unikat.

-my favorite china patterns are Hearthside Buffet and Gdansk Bistro Fredriksborg. I prefer the 8 inch plates :)

-bells (medieval/VA/roman)

-cotton sleeping bag (cotton cover and fill please)

-Glass headed pins, either vintage or newly made

-Interesting booze, cheese, sweets, pickles, etc. I love smoked flavors, for example

-VA glass beads

-Wooden trenchers

-Round VA brooch for coat

-DVD or digital copies of movies (Indiana Jones, 5th element, any other action movies)

-Birchbark boxes

-Teeny silver bowl for drinking out of

-A hurdy gurdy

-Cardweaving in wool (dark colors, I'm just to lazy to finish MY projects, hah). I need enough to go around my torso 3 times. A documentable pattern, but simple is 100% fine. It is going on DARK brown wool.

-A big auger, like 1 3/4 or 2 inch bit on it it has to be SHARP and usable, no “vintage” ones that are so rusted they won’t cut. :)

- wooden skiis or snowshoes (we'll destroy them, so not nice ones!)

-Giant stoneware teacups (tall, not wide!) handmade best. YES, I CAN make them, I don’t want to!

-Big ceramic mixing bowl for bread (mason cash) OR any of the adorable little Mason Cash bowls ones they put out recently :)

-Really cool ribbon would be awesome!

-Adze/gouges (for bowls and spoon making)

-Good brand (Wusthof!) paring knives

-Plaid wool for an apron dress, even plaid, dark colors (min 2.5 yards if 60 wide), medium to heavy wool

-Soft, long, warm, scarves. I wear them at events, and also to work. Not itchy, red, green, black, grey, patterns are awesome.

-I’d like some new shelves, and a small table. If you see some narrow, and/or shallow, shelves, I’d like to know! I need a tiny shelf (3 feet tall, 8 inches deep, a few feet wide), a tall shelf (6-7 feet, WOOD), a narrow and shallow shelf less than 6 feet tall.

-Supplies: yarn to knit, spectacularly odd quilting fabric (my current favorites are one with tiny carrots on it, and one with dinosaurs formed out of constellations). Dye, minerals for paint or makeup, brewing ingredients. Cascade 128 superwash is aaaaaaahhhhhmazing. I'd also love cones of yarn for WEAVING!!!! Or even just some large-ish hanks to weave new belts/garters/etc out of. Wool fabric in herringbone or diamond twill (of course, duh). Shawl amounts, hat amounts, or garment amounts would all be awesome.

-spiffy glass things (little drinking cups, beads, spindle whorls, glass headed veil pins, etc). I also love some modern fine glass works, like fairly small necked amazing vases!

-Dreamfit cotton sheets (queen size, brown would be best, blue or green is fine)

-Interesting medium size bits of fabric for hair covering and aprons. I know, I’ve asked for this before, but I use them all the time! I need about 1.5 feet by 2 feet for a headcovering. Wool or linen, interesting weaves preferred.

This is the "I don't know Gwen well enough to pick out the woozle she really wants, but I know she wants a woozle" section :)
First, go look here:

In general: I prefer second hand or hand made or supplies for me to make things :) New is NOT important to me. Second hand, handmade, found-in-the-forest…that’s PERFECT. In fact, preferred. For media, random copies are awesome (ooooo, do you have RESEARCH articles?????? ooooooooo. I would dearly love Viking Age research!). I use technology extensively, so digital copies are great. I love to MAKE (cook, knit, sew, quilt, can, ferment, spin, weave, etc). I really only knit with dpns. I also love to learn and experiment :) I love vintage clothes, 50s rockabilly sundresses are AMAZING! I also adore Star Wars anything. I love to garden, mostly edible things (I have a few flowers, like columbine and roses, but mostly vegis). I like to decorate for different seasons, with wreaths and garlands and linens.

I am obsessed with jewelry (though I never end up wearing bracelets, so rings, earrings, and pendants are best). I am currently allergic to metal, so…jewelry requires some creativity
Visual themes I like: Colors: Black, grey, dark red, green, brown. Blue is okay, but not awesome. Though I might sorta like it, I'll never wear anything very bright or very pastel in a mundane setting. In the SCA, in addition to my usual colors, I wear a lot of celery green, bright red, and rust orange/red. Animals: cats, hedgehogs, butterflies (my device is a green butterfly), salamanders, frogs, turtles, chickadees, owls, jellyfish, squid/ocotpi, dinosaurs, mushrooms, moon, bluebirds, blue birds, snails, Plants: POPPIES!!! Orange California poppies : ) , borage, rose, columbine, oak (especially acorns), holly, strawberries, cherries.

I love bluegrass and traditional northern European music. I generally like anything with a punk element, metal is also good. I like obscure folk fusion (Tyr, Brigid Boden, Tempest, etc).

Tastes/foods: I’m allergic to caffeine, I can’t have whole nuts, ground nuts are fine but not a treat. I LOVE: BLACK CURRENT!!!! RASPBERRY! PEACH! ROSE! almond, vanilla, scotch, ANYTHING smoky or smoked, chanterelle mushrooms, any other mushrooms. Unusual flavors are awesome, I like bitter flavors, herbal flavors, and interesting combinations. I adore hot sauce, especially habanero. And boozes! I am very interested in tasting a variety of types of vanilla (Madagascar, Tahiti, etc) and flavored salt. I’m excited about smoked paprika, or any other interesting spices. I am also highly entertained by new local alcohol, there are a lot of interesting breweries, wineries, and distilleries. I’m a huge fan of odd kinds of cheese as well. I love gummy candy.

Things my kitties would enjoy:

Catnip toys

A crappy old tablet or digital picture frame that plays video. Pyra loves to watch youtube videos and catch digital fishes. I am not so enthused about her doing this on my laptop that I need for work 

Flea drops (well, they enjoy not having fleas, not the actual drops)

Elvie would like some CUDDLES PLEASE. I am busy, she would like more loves.

A waterproof, outside kitty-cave with a HEATED inside. Either a light or a heating pad that has wiring/plug that’s safe to leave plugged in during Oregon wint
Dorrie, Dory, Dorry

Experiment with intaglio #1

I made the cuts deeper and then washed it well after I took this photo. I am pleased with it, but also annoyed, the other two cabs I got are carnelian and bloodstone. They are both harder than my tungsten dremel bit. Now I must find/order a diamond one.

I am debating doing an amber one of these. Rekon (on etsy), seems to carve any large cab he can find already set. That could be a fun plan, but so far the internet has not handed me the exact things I'm looking for. Must keep looking!


I need to practice the following: drawing the pattern on before I start, varying the depth (this one is all the same), getting cleaner, deeper lines faster, etc.

but overall, that was AWESOME. Way cheaper than buying the one I coveted. Maybe if I'm really tricky I could even sell a few and make back my dremel bit purchases :)
Dorrie, Dory, Dorry

Holiday list 2013

As always, I am not demanding presents, I don't really expect them, I am just putting this out there in case you feel the need to buy me something and don't know what. Be aware that you are likely getting a very strange homemade woozle in return, so... :P

Of course, what I love most is getting to hang out with people I love. Since it is the season of hot drinks, games, huddling around the fire, snuggling under blankets, making (and eating!) piles of delicious foods, football, fabulous holiday traditions, singing carols, dancing, decorating, and parties, hopefully I'll get to share some of the awesome with YOU!

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Dorrie, Dory, Dorry

I object, my science career should have nothing to do with my ability to display my boobs nicely.

There is an article out, which goes into many of the reasons behind the disparity in how many men and women choose STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) as a career. In it, the author talks about Big Bang Theory.

"Although two of the scientists on the show are women, one, Bernadette, speaks in a voice so shrill it could shatter a test tube. When she was working her way toward a Ph.D. in microbiology, rather than working in a lab, as any real doctoral student would do, she waitressed with Penny. Mayim Bialik, the actress who plays Amy, a neurobiologist who becomes semiromantically involved with the childlike but brilliant physicist Sheldon, really does have a Ph.D. in neuroscience and is in no way the hideously dumpy woman she is presented as on the show. “The Big Bang Theory” is a sitcom, of course, and therefore every character is a caricature, but what remotely normal young person would want to enter a field populated by misfits like Sheldon, Howard and Raj? And what remotely normal young woman would want to imagine herself as dowdy, socially clueless Amy rather than as stylish, bouncy, math-and-science-illiterate Penny?"

She goes on to discuss how female scientists from other countries dress "like women" with lots of cleavage and short skirts.

I have so many objections. First, why should my career as a scientist depend on how I dress? My career depends on the data I produce, the students I mentor, and my ability to communicate what I have found. I fail to see why cleavage is important in this conversation in any way. I could be either a verifiable pin-up, or a completely androgynous human, and that should in no way change the trajectory of a scientific career. Does my hemline change how much data I have? Do my heels or lack-thereof influence my ideas? No? Then why are we having this conversation?

Second, showing young, successful women who don't display a lot of cleavage and wear tiny skirts, ON TELEVISION! THE HORROR! Someone might interpret this as meaning that you can be a good scientist without having to spend 3 hours dressing each morning! Young women might think that life is NOT all about appearance! That is obviously unacceptable.

Oh no, who would want to be Bernadette? Yes, she waitressed briefly while finishing up writing her dissertation. I have known many graduate students who had to take second jobs. Now she has a successful career, is married, and they are discussing buying a house. Yes, she and her husband have had issues, ones that they talk about, and work on. She makes more money than he does, and they have discussed having him (an engineer who builds items for the space station) quit his job to take care of their potential children. Who would EVER want to grow up to be a well paid scientist with friends, love, career, and hobbies????

Which brings us to Amy. Again, showing, on a very popular show, a character who is not conventionally beautiful, but who is navigating the world as an adult. There is a plot in which Amy publishes a paper in a well-known journal, indicating that her science is successful. Yes, Amy is awkward, and does not dress in a way that flatters her body. Why should that matter, as a scientist?

The author of this article is saying that boobs still matter more than brains.

She says that young girls will only want to grow up to be the pretty blonde. Why? Because there are no awkward girls out there? Because no one, no matter what they look like, has ever FELT awkward? That is might be a wonderful thing to show that fulfilling work, hobbies, love, and the rest of a really awesome adult life are not dependent on ONLY how you look.

There are plenty of lovely humans in science. There are women who spend a lot of time on their appearance. There are also those who show up after working for 30 hours strait in their pajamas and an old sweatshirt. I've slept under my desk, and at that point, I couldn't care less what I look like. I love vintage dresses, but they are not appropriate to wear in our cold-room, where I will spend the day pouring bleach into dirty tanks, picking up maggots, and carrying buckets of rocks.

I love my job, and I am appalled that people I consider to be my heroes are being held up as examples of everything a girl would never want to be. Because that means that I am also a bad example, that no one would want to be ME. And I think I'm pretty awesome.
Dorrie, Dory, Dorry

Birthday list

It's that time of year! As always, no I am not demanding gifts, this is the stuff I am looking for, if you know of one for cheap, I'd happily go get it myself :)

Yes, I totally realize this list has ridiculous things on it, remember, I am utterly broke at the moment :) I do not have the cash to just buy things that I need, let alone things that I want.

Regular life stuff:
(in order of how badly I need/want it, roughly)
****waterproof jacket (size medium)***
***fixing the fan on my car*** (no defrost is bad!)
**help cleaning up my house and shed, weeding my garden, and getting the winter garden started**
**greenhouse (the plastic tent kind is just fine)**
**a bookshelf or two. One needs to be fairly shallow (less than a foot deep), both need to be tall and sturdy**
*fixing the tent-sewing machine, sigh*
*blue canning jars* (Ball is making these, only this year, then they are gone)
*soda stream*
*big bags of sugar, flour, flats of peaches, and any blackberries you can pick. Yes, I want FOOD*
-sandals (chacos, W9 or M8, with toe loops)
-brightly colored stainless steel water bottle (green or that new golden yellow would be AWESOME) I like Klean Kanteen best, as then I don't have to find a unique lid every time I reach into the cupboard
-Some nalgene bottles to make iced tea in (old ones are fine)
-telestrations game
-little pill boxes (I have to carry pills with me now, and would like pretty boxes that don't pop open all the time)
-viking purple potatoes
-seeds!!!! (any variety you think is awesome)
-rose oil
-Bras (32C, mine are dying, sigh)
-UNDERPANTS! (size small, cotton, black)
-smartwool socks
-vintage bandannas with cool patterns
-cool new towels and washcloths (secondhand is fine)
-field pants (especially light weight ones, waist size 32-34, length doesn't matter)
-booze, I would like to try new kinds of it, and also just have some to drink :)
-spiffy cabling needle for knitting (copper or wood would be cool)
-ball winder
-PLANTS! Herbs, rhubarb, roses, cool bulbs, whatever :)
-Awesome patterned t-shirts and sweatshirts. Size medium, black.
-Big propane burner (crab boil burner). This is so I can do my canning outside when it is HOT.
-"The Art of Fermentation" by Sandor Katz (I have his other book, but hear this one is awesome)
-a basket making kit. I'd like to try it once, I think I want to make lots, but we'd better find out if I can first :)

-shoes :( oh, HOW I covet new shoes! Little viking boots!!!!
-marver (2)
-that niddy noddy with poppies on it that Nemo made
-little wooden spoon with a loop on the top
-Freon tank cooking pot
-3.5 yards of wool cardweaving (or nice inkle), about 3/4 inch wide (up to 1 inch). I am working on a project and am too lazy to weave it myself, grin. It is going on dark brown, so red, green, brown, black, etc.
-s-hooks (for the fire) mine have run off

For Joe

-full size sheets in 100% cotton
-new SCA weapons, especially great weapons
-Wide inkle/card weaving for a bag strap, black and green
-Shorts (38), black, sturdy
-funny t-shirts, black, size XL
-button down shirts, short sleeved best, black, size XL
Dorrie, Dory, Dorry

Fermenting kits!

Are you curious about fermented foods? Always wanted to make your own sauerkraut, kimchi, etc? Would you like a kit? I have one!
For $20, you'll get two glass jars (1/2 gallon and quart), one plastic lid with a hole in it, one airlock with a cork, pre-measured salt for one batch, and a booklet of recipes and instructions.
All you need to add is the vegetables you want to ferment, water, and a little liquid from the top of your yogurt (whey). This set up also works great for small batches of alcohol (cider, mead, etc).
I can deliver at SoK, CdV fighter practice, and possibly Sept. Crown. Delicious fermented foods for you!

Dorrie, Dory, Dorry

MORE awesome plans for An Tir-West War!

We are hosting a solar!
Time/place: Saturday from 10am to noon, under a pavilion in A&S land ;) NOT at our camp!

What is a solar? A solar is an informal time to work on projects and share skills. We will provide a variety of small projects, but please bring your own if you want to!
The solar will go for two hours. At the start of each hour, we will have a brief discussion/presentation of a skill. You do not need to participate in these to attend, but everyone is welcome. We will have kits for those who wish to try the three skills, the kits will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, and will cost between $1 and $5 each. We will have at least 10 kits for each skill.
The first hour skill will be: Viking Age knotwork applied to fabric (Birka)
The second hour skill will be: Applied mica decoration from examples at Birka.
I'm also bringing the weights for whipcord braiding with weights, so if we are bored, we'll do that.

Please bring a chair, any snacks or drinks you prefer, cash for any kits you are interested in, and your own projects to discuss and share!

Instructors/facilitators: HL Gersvinda Gaeslinger, Meistara Kathlin in Storradtha
Dorrie, Dory, Dorry


Freezer/microwave enchiladas (otherwise known as lunch)

Cook some frozen corn (in my case, in the microwave).
Take corn tortillas. Trim one or both ends until they fit into your usual freezer containers. Put about 1/4 inch of enchilada sauce in the bin, fold two tortillas in half. Fill tortillas with deliciousness. I used a lot of corn, some finely sliced raw serrano chiles, bbq sauce, and hot sauce. You could also add beans, sweet pepper chunks, shredded chicken, or whatever else. Top the filling with some shredded cheese. Roll up the tortillas, and top with more enchilada sauce, and cheese. Freeze promply. Microwave until totally melted to eat.